Bank Accounts

Opening your Bank accountPound Sign

What you need to open your account:

  1. You will need a Hungarian ID or passport.
  2. A not older than 3 months utility bill which proves your home address or Hungarian bank statement that is on your name and address.
  3. And the company’s documents.

The firms and the offices majority only accept businesses with UK bank accounts. This proves and insures that your business is not involved with the possibility of money laundering. Of course later on the returned tax will be paid to this account. This requirement is quite crucial when forming a new business/company in the UK. It is very easy to open a bank account in the UK. For the bank account opening we normally book an appointment just after 2 days when the company is registered. We have a very good connection with Barclays bank in the UK so we normally go through with their bank accounts.
To open a bank account it does not take more than 30 minutes, which will you receive your contract and a starting business banking package. For easy future banking you will receive the facility of internet banking and telephone banking service as well.

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