Why an English Company

The advantages of registering a new company in the United Kingdom.

UK FlagAfter you have formed your new company, you are not just becoming a simple director, as a major result of this you will participate and be connected with one of the world’s largest business environment. Wherever you are signing new businesses, you are backed by an English company. The main advantage of this is that your clients feel assured that this company is from a well-established, solid grounded nation with a successful market economy. It is easier to get contracts and the financial transactions are less complicated because the banking in England is international and most of them have plenty of branches in the European Union as well. This then creates the opportunity to carry out transactions in your own company’s registered bank.

The main advantage of having an English company is the rapidity, which means that in less than 3 hours the new company is registered electronically. On top of this it requires less administration so in conclusion the formation and the maintenance is cheaper.

One of the highlights of forming companies in the UK that it does not need solicitors’ involvement, so there is no extra cost for that.

There is another mentionable part when forming a UK Ltd company that you don’t need any share capital to start with. The UKs tax office and the government’s objective is to levy reasonable taxes and to create incentives to pay the taxes and not to make it difficult and stressful for companies. Your English company only pays 20% tax until 300.000 GBP profits and after when you pass this profit mark you pay 28%.

Paying VAT is not set for the operation of the company, it only applies when you reach 73.000 GBP turnover or over.

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